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The ideal solution for surveyors that need proven, straightforward GPS technology that performs under the most rigorous conditions

A Complete GPS System
Lightweight, ergonomic and cable-free, the Trimble R4 GPS system with Trimble Access software provides the ease of use of an integrated receiver with the rugged reliability of the popular Trimble TSC3 controller. Couple the easy-to-learn Trimble Access with Trimble’s powerful GNSS and optical data processing and analysis software, Trimble Business Center (optional) to complete the system . Founded on proven Trimble GPS technology, the Trimble R4 RTK system comes standard with GPS L1 and L2 and GLONASS.

The dual-frequency antenna enhances tracking capacity and delivers sub-millimeter phase center stability, for precise results in demanding conditions . Internally powered with removable batteries, this system provides 11 hours of uninterrupted field operation .

VRS rover, RTK rover or field Base station
Use as a lightweight rover for static surveying or RTK . The Trimble R4 with Trimble Access is also completely compatible with Trimble VRS™ solutions, creating an attractive VRS rover for use inside real-time networks . With built-in 450 MHz receive radio or a fully integrated GSM/GPRS radio, this system can be adapted to meet a variety of needs . As a base station, The Trimble R4 with the integrated UHF transmit option is rugged, weather-resistant and compatible with a range of radio solutions.

Trimble solutions for Broader Horizons
Designed to bring the Trimble experience to more surveyors, the Trimble R4 with Trimble Access system helps shorten training time and simplify data collection .

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What's in the package

The Trimble R6 is controlled using the Trimble TSC3 Data Controller running Trimble Access software.
We provide the Trimble R6 with a lite-weight carbon fiber pole espcially designed for ease of use even after many work hours. The package also includes a holder that mounts the data controller onto the carbon fiber pole.

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